Tokyo Has Installed Transparent Public Toilets To Ensure People Keep Them Clean

As an Indian, we have grown up to a habit of refraining from using public toilets for there is a lack of hygiene intact. Although the trend is changing with schemes like Swachh Bharat in place and running, nevertheless, there is a tad bit extra innovation that the government can add to ensure people themselves feel the responsibility of maintaining cleanliness inside public toilets.

The inspiration for the innovation can be taken from Tokyo, Japan. The country has come up with transparent public washrooms. The washrooms let anyone see through the glass so that they can ensure the toilet is clean before heading in.

Yes, you might be thinking why would someone use a glass toilet? But that’s where the innovation is.

Source – CNN

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Actually, after ensuring that the toilet is clean from the outside, one can enter it, lock the door and use an opaque sheet tucked with the door to ensure nobody can see from outside.

Source – Tech Thirsty

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This opaque sheet will have to be moved to open the door again from the inside. So when you move it, people will be able to see if you have ensured that the toilet is clean for further use. Simple and innovative.

Source – CNN

The transparent public restrooms are a part of The Tokyo Toilet Project by the non-profit organization Nippon Foundation. As many as 16 architects from Tokyo renovated 17 public toilets located in the public parks of Shibuya.

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In an official press release, The Nippon Foundation said, “The mission was to apply innovative design to make public bathrooms accessible for everyone regardless of gender, age or disability, with a goal “that people will feel comfortable using these public toilets and to foster a spirit of hospitality for the next person”.

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