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Today Is World Sleep Day, Here Are 11 Cool Memes That Your Sleep-Deprived Soul Can Totally Relate With

World sleep day is here. Though, I don’t think I should even ask if you are sleep deprived because everyone is lacking sleep nowadays. Some due to their jobs, some because of night shifts and some for various other reasons that might seem illogical to an extent (eg- love birds who talk on the phone for the entire night)

But the point is, everyone craves for a good and long and peaceful sleep.

Sadly, most of you never get time. So, on this World Sleep Day prepare yourself in advance. Make the arrangements. Cancel all your plans, shut off your phone, take leaves (if you can) and try to get some sleep, folks. (at least tonight)

So, what is World Sleep Day?

For those of you who don’t know about it, this day has been celebrated on Friday that comes before the northern hemisphere vernal equinox. It is is an annual event organized by the World Sleep Day Committee and they come up with slogans each year.

Basically, people meet and grand scale events take place that involves discussions, presentations of educational materials and exhibitions. Just so you know, it takes place around the globe since 2008 and has ample online presence as well.

This year’s slogan is ‘Healthy Sleep, Healthy Aging.’ Coming back to reality, you never know how your ‘World Sleep Day’ turns out to be. It could range from going super smooth to be a disaster because the day might have unknown obstacles, like…


Or maybe, you find yourself living one of the memes that I handpicked. Who knows? Go through the 11 sleep-related memes and take your pick –

1. This is what you expect your World sleep day to be like, right?

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2. But it could turn out to be like this if you have a morning job

3. Or someone can end up waking you for…

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4. Who knows, the weather might end up ruining it

5. But what about your brain?

6. What if someone calls you in the morning?

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7. But maybe, something is wrong with you

8. And then the brain comes to your assistance, AGAIN!

9.  Finally, the real question arises

10. And then there is this question

11. But this is every living soul’s dream today

Relate much?

So, which meme have you already experienced? And which is the one you are most likely to experience this World Sleep Day? Drop in the comments section and let me know. And for all the poor souls, who won’t even get an off on Saturday, let us observe a 2 min silence to pay respects.

On that note, Happy World Sleeping Day to you!!
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