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11 Dance Moves That Went Viral

Dance is an expression of happiness, of peace, and of unity. It is also largely becoming an expression of popularity in the modern world of YouTube and the internet.

The more unique the dance style, the more it fetches the world’s attention. A lot of dance moves have been going viral for decades, even before the presence of internet in every nuke and corner of the world.
dance moves

Certain moves make everyone dance on the beats, no matter who you are. And that is how it has become a trend to come out with unparalleled and freestyle dance moves that can fire up the discotheques and bars and children parties and even the special events.

Dance styles come and go, but there are a few which you never forget owning to something unique attached to it. Let’s have a look at a few such dance moves that took the world by storm and are continuing to do so:

1) Kiki Challenge

The most recent in the list of viral dance moves is “Kiki do you love me?” by Aubrey Drake, the Canadian rap star who also happens to be the king of viral videos and memes.

Since then, people have been posting similar videos as a challenge to others and going crazy. A lot of accidents and mishaps have happened and now the police from various countries are warning against it.

2) Watch Me (whip Nae Nae)

17-year-old Silento hit a jackpot with his video on YouTube in 2015 with a unique arm bending and leg-shaking dance craze which was quickly spawned by school kids all over and made it the top ten most watched videos of the year.

Silento went on to sign up with Capital records later that year.

3) Fortnight Dance

Renditioned by Blockboy JB, it was first popularized in his track “Shoot”. It was basically a dance move from a video game “Fortnight Battle Royal”. Everyone knows of the game unless you have been living under the rock.

The move became widely admired and re-enacted even by Dele Ali from England who scored against Sweden and imitated the dance on the field in excitement. Since then, the fandom has been on the constant rise.

Although there is a ban on the video in several countries, owing to the violent nature of the game it was derived from.

4) Backpack kid “Floss Dance”

Driven from the Fortnight dance, floss dance was invented by 16-year-old Russel Horning aka, the backpack kid. The video came out in 2016 and now Russel has thousands of YouTube followers.

The school kids have been going crazy and lots of videos including an 80-year-old grandma doing the move is swarming the internet.

To perform this move all you have to do is swing your hips in the opposite direction of your hands. After swinging arms to one side, you keep them straight and move one arm behind your back and then bring it back in front. And Repeat.

You start slowly to get the hang of the complicated move and then increase your speed. It is harder than it looks.

5) Mannequin Challenge

Mannequin challenge spread like wildfire in 2016 when some students from Florida filmed themselves as frozen in time as the Black Beatles by Sremmurd played in the background.

The internet quickly blazed with thousands of such videos from all over including Beyoncé and even Hilary Clinton doing their versions.

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6) Harlem Shake

Harlem shake became widely trendy in 2013 and DJ Bauer from New York saw a tremendously positive response to the videos of about 30 seconds each where some person with a mask will start dancing randomly in front of a stranger for 15 seconds and as the bass plummets, cut to a different video where a mob is dancing crazily wearing weird outfits and props.

It quite quickly peaked to a thousand uploads where people mimicked the video. It also touched the political satire after which it even got banned in Egypt.

7) The Running Man Challenge

The running man challenge is quite similar to Harlem Shake, where the performer does a running man variation. The challenge was initiated by two teenage boys from Hillside, New Jersey, Kevin Vincent, and Jerry Hall and it spread over the internet like wildfire.

The dance was originally made popular by two Maryland varsity basketball players, Jaylen Brantley and Jared Nickens on an old number from ’90s. Check out the video below:


8) Gangnam Style

The Gangnam style became a popular K-pop in 2012, via YouTube. Psy achieved huge success overnight through the song, not only because of its satirical outlook on upper-class Korean lifestyle but also because of its bemusing horse dance.

The song became the main attraction of discotheques and children parties and no one could stop themselves from shaking their booty on its bouncy tone.


Talking about viral dance moves calls for remembering the old-world dance moves we have been shaking on, since back in the 90s. Sung by Los Del Rio, it was a hit back in 95,96 and 97.

Released in 1994, Macarena was the most popular of the dance moves on the face of the earth. Even without internet or YouTube, people from every nuke and corner danced to their heart’s content on the beats of this famous number.

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10) Moonwalk (Dance)

Michael Jackson’s moonwalk is the mother of all dances gone viral. So much so that it is still enacted by people from time to time and remains mysteriously as fresh as it was when done for the first time.

It was first performed by Jackson on 25th of March 1983 during a performance of Billie Jean. It eventually became his signature move.

The dance is successfully performed when the dancer creates an illusion of moving forward while sliding back all the while.

11) Anti-Gravity Dance Move

Who doesn’t know about Michael Jackson’s yet another gravity-defying magical dance move? It was first performed by Jackson in 1987 in his popular music video “Smooth Criminal” where he and the performing dancers lean forward to an unimaginable tilt mocking all the rules of gravity without falling.

Lots of speculations have surrounded as to how he managed the move back then.

In Conclusion:

Dancing on your favorite beat can bust the daily stress out of your mind and bring you into a state of harmony. And dancing with friends on a famous number is the best medicine one can have. That’s why people who work hard believe in partying harder.

But this whole fuss of viral dance moves and videos like Kiki challenge sometimes turns dangerous if taken as a challenge and performed without proper care.

Our Advice: Enjoy the viral moves and shake with all guns blazing, but be careful about the dangerous side of these dance moves which can turn all the fun and frolic into a nightmare.

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