Fact Check: Man 'Forced' To Shave His Head & Chant Jai Shree Ram Is Not Nepali, Was Acting Like Nepali For Rs 1,000 - Viral Bake

Fact Check: Man ‘Forced’ To Shave His Head & Chant Jai Shree Ram Is Not Nepali, Was Acting Like Nepali For Rs 1,000

If you have been scooping on news for a while, you must be aware of an incident wherein a Nepali man’s head was shaved and he was allegedly “forced to chant Jai Shree Ram”. Here is the video of the incident.

However, happens to be, the news isn’t true.

Days after the incident was investigated, police found out that the man in the viral video is an Indian resident and not Nepali. In fact, he was paid Rs 1,000 to act like a Nepali resident and chant against KP Oli.

“Six people have been arrested for making and sharing a video of objectionable remarks against a neighbouring country on social media. The person shown in the video is an Indian citizen, who was born in Varanasi. His family members are government workers. He was given Rs 1,000 to play the party,” Varanasi police chief Amit Pathak said on Saturday.

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Also, a TV report by India TV had also fact-checked the incident and found that the man owns an Indian Aadhaar Card and voter ID to confirm the police claims. The one making the video was also paid to make the same.

Source – Amar Ujala

It was further revealed that the man was paid by local right-wing organisation Vishwa Hindu Sena for acting like a Nepali man. All of this comes days after Nepal’s Prime Minsiter KP Sharma Oli claimed that Ayodhya is in Nepal and not India.

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Arun Pathak, convener of the Varanasi-based fringe group that goes by the name of Vishwa Hindu Sena has been arrested for sharing the video and creating unrest between the two countries.

Source – Amar Ujala

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Nepal’s envoy to India Nilamber Acharya has spoken about the matter to CM Yogi Adityanath who assured strict action against the same.

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